2023 Print Trends

Just like any industry, the world of print is constantly evolving, and 2023 looks to be a year with exciting changes ahead. From technological advances and sustainability to unique finishes and waste reduction, here are some of the printing trends to be aware of in the coming months.

Unique effects and finishes

Special effects and finishes such as varnishes, shimmers, metallic effects, laminates, glosses and foiling are all going to continue well into 2023. They’re the perfect way to emphasise a specific area or certain text on a printed item, and they add an element of prestige and luxury, whether it’s to an invitation, a brochure or packaging.

From the restaurant sector to events planning and weddings, unique finishes and print effects deliver a standout result that sets a business apart for a distinctive, personalised product. And from a printing business’ perspective, it’s a design option more and more clients will be asking for.

Laser cutting techniques

Laser cutting is a production technique that’s expected to be on trend in 2023, and it’s a more intricate and delicate process than other finishes and effects. It creates accurate cuts to any stock to create designs or text cut-outs, and it can be used to showcase even the most complex of designs for a beautifully finished product – especially when paired with another finishing effect, such as coloured foiling.

It’s fast becoming one of the go-to techniques for cards and invites to deliver a dramatic impact and an elevated result.

Direct mail marketing campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are one of the more basic forms of advertising, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. In fact, with custom designs, they can be a great way for companies to spread the word on their business, services or products.

Direct mail campaigns can be used with existing customer lists or to reach new audiences, and they’re an inexpensive way to promote your brand. In 2023, this aspect of printing is expected to increase as more businesses seek ways to reach new markets in an affordable way.

Waste reduction and recycling

One of the major developments when it comes to print trends is the increased emphasis on sustainability, reducing waste and recycling. The print industry is unfortunately renowned for the waste it produces, and there’s increasing pressure for businesses to do better. Eco issues are at the top of everyone’s priority list, and recycling facilities are vital to the printing industry’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our work and to promote greener practices.

In 2023, and moving forward, it’s expected that more printing businesses will work closely with local recycling facilities to find solutions to waste issues and lessen their environmental impact. From liquid inks and toner cartridges to paper by-products, there will be an emphasis on printing businesses to prevent excess waste wherever possible, and to make changes to their manufacturing processes.

Added value design services

An increasing trend in this industry in the coming year is print companies offering design services or digital marketing services to deliver added value to their customers. When businesses work with a printing company, they increasingly want more than just the printed version of their ideas.

They want professionals to take on the job of design and marketing too, since many smaller companies won’t have their own in-house graphic designer or marketing team. A printing company that can offer this unique combination of specialist services and high-quality printing is the perfect go-to solution to meet this demand, and one that more customers will be seeking out.

Improved technology

One area where we can expect to see advances in 2023 is with the technology itself. Printing businesses can manufacture high-quality products far quicker than before and make bigger profits as a result of state-of-the-art technology that make it easier to produce unique and complex patterns. This is helping printing businesses to fulfil the demand for print specialists in-house and manufacture luxury custom goods that are of superior quality.

For example, LED UV inkjet printers enable companies to print to a superb standard on a variety of surfaces, from lightweight packaging to tissue paper. The rise in eCommerce businesses means there has been an increased demand for packaging options, so printers need to have the technology to deliver the right results at the right price.

Printing is evolving quickly and in 2023, we’re expecting to see a number of new developments that will transform how we work and the types of products we create for customers. These trends will influence how printing businesses operate and the work that customers demand.

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